I left the thing called Social Media

Yup, I left social media behind since a while ago. In rough total, it has been 4 month — I guess. Wow right? I also couldn’t believe myself for that long either and it still counting — hopefully.

I haven’t plan to come back yet — in the nearly future tho. I still have a really really good time live without them. (But life without you?? Ugghh #BangHead)

Social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, what else? You name it lah — since I just owned those three haha. I left them behind even without thinking any longer, just blink of eyes, I just logged out, deleted all the apps from my phone, never turned back or looked back anymore. (But leaving you, it seems I need the rest of my life! #BangHead).

What made me start this?

Well, I’m not sure either tho, why and when it exactly began. Probably, a few years ago when everything in life became sh*tty crap and felt like I f*cked up in this d*mn world. In short, I heard about Social Media Detox Theory — which means take a break from all the activities through social media, no post, no scrolling, even no apps. For me, the definition of social media detox is way more simple, just eliminate and banish the words itself from our dictionary. Let’s just say, that the things never existed in this world, so that we can free our minds and get rid of it completely. It’s like when we’re on the diet, just find the easiest way to kill our cravings for some food, right? Hoho LOL

In the first trial, I called it a big failure. —  More likely, whoever does succeed in the first shot, no one right?. Just because I always took a peak a few times in a day, log in – log out, install-uninstall, type the web histories, etc. I went back and forth all the time like d*mn crazy. Goosh it was not easy at all, I cheated. (But I never cheated on you, you did! #BangHead)

For the starters — for the warm-up steps, I limited my time range just for a week in a month. When I felt the benefits for a little bit, so I improved myself. I put higher time range, I set for one month detox in few months — slowly but certainly to make it works of course. Then I did that regularly until I’m no longer craving for it at all and became a habit — a good one. So here I am, I mean look how far my progress right now, I kinda forget about it completely. (I wish, it goes the same on you, to forget about you completely #BangHead). Anyway, is it a sign for me to get Master title of Social Media Detoxes? Hoho ROTFL

But what the true reasons that made me left for that long? I even start thinking about quitting social media completely, forever. So, why?

It seems I will explain further in the next post ya… Ahaha


Have a good day Genks,

– Reen

11.45 pm


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