It’s the weekend!! *scream

Today was — kind of a happy day for me because I kicked my ass out from the bed. Hoho

A friend of mine gave me an event invitation, — which for free entry. I just knew that the ticket price seems around $120 – $150 (1.5jt – 2jt Rupiahs) and I was like “Wow!! I’m the lucky one. Thanks to God, and of course thanks to my Pals, blessed her”.

So the event itself was about Digital and stuff, with a bunch of yummy foods everywhere, many products, entertainment and stuff, workshop and stuff, yaa kind of like so laah.

Well, everywhere I go or visited some random places, in a mass crowd I usually met one or few people accidentally whose I already knew before, or even met new people on purpose. Yup, in this event I met around two people that already in my contact list — which was a long time haven’t see them, and three-person that I would like to save their contact for sure. Well actually, they asked for my name card. Sadly, I didn’t bring my name card 😫😧 — rather I don’t have the latest name card at all, duh! *To do list as my homework when I got back.

Yaa luckily, I’m not a person who stops in the hallway. So, I took my phone out and directly asked their name, number, and email, so they could do the same. Trust me, this way always work guys. So, never hold back or shy, to kindly ask our networks for their identity — especially for the 1st time. Then, maintained it well. At least, say hello via texts apps first, so that they can save our number since they still remembered us. *Please note, public relations theory. Hoho..

The event holds in a huge venue, and in a separated building, ya counted as workout laah haha…

The thing that I remembered the most was, there is a cold brew coffee product that I love recently, the best home based cold brew coffee that I ever tasted, and become my favorite for sure. Suddenly, I saw their stand in the corner. I’m so excited and met the owner itself. They’re a couples, who made a homemade brew — not just coffee but also other healthy stuff, the man is a doctor and I’m not sure about the woman occasion tho, I just knew that their product represents as their hobbies and part-time/side job, because they sell the best product with the whole heart and just did what they like, also to shared their happiness. I’m so impressed! I told them that they did a great job and I love it. Suddenly, they gave me a bunch of testers and a lot of discount for the coffee. It made my day lah! Then, we changed contacts each other, and we became friends right now. Hope it going for long last friendship, I couldn’t be happier 😍.

Overall, the event was great and I had a good time with friends. But, the sad fact was, I just couldn’t walk away with eyes closed and resist all those damn good food on the set, right? 😭 Guilty pleasure — oh my wallet’s health as well, huhuhuhu… After this, I will run for sure till my leg numb!! Ggrr… Lol

I type this thing while laying down on my bed — yup via smartphone after taking a shower. Enjoy the rest my weekend…

Hope you guys doing well too yaa…

Happy weekend Genks 😎
– Reen


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