Because everybody wants to know why I left….

“Leaving a secure job and a very good position when the risk feels scary”bigstock-I-Quit-Written-With-Dry-Erase-28962044


Iya iyaa, I know kok. Not even a year has gone by since I explained about leaving out of my comfort zone, followed by how did I do, and the last what I was doing in my blog (all those three are clickable, please check them out).

I really want to write this for a long time, but for various reasons ya the laziness, ya confused how I write, ya worried, etc. Now, I decided to open my laptop in the middle of the night, trying to write it down. Believe me, it’s not easy for me. Because I’m getting emotional and I choose my words very carefully. (I could be prosecuted by the law if there is someone/something who not accept this because it might be considered as a sensitive topic. Im just assuming and I wish it will never happen though hohoho).

Well, like I said before that life is about moving on, move forward to the next level. My brother said that “When one door closes, another door opens”, it means that the opportunities are always there, I believe it’s damn true. “But we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us”, well said by Alexander Graham Bell, yeah probably it happen to me.

As you guys know already, I choose to resign bravely. No, I am not hired to be fired, I quit!

I had a very good time and every day was a great day, I love everything back then, about the jobs, the most people, the environment, my works progress, everything still on the right track, there wasn’t any problem at all both in me or in the job. Then BAAAMM, I quit the job, I am resigning from my position, I move out from JKT. Oh no trust me, it all happened not that so sudden. It was like a war zone busing in my mind, I messed up my life a bit, bewildered. A lot of people (best Pals of mine) that I have called to give me some advises, countless paper was inked for my considerations, wishing the hands of God that use to sow hope comes to me, the last but not least when everything gets stuck on my head and there is no way out, I went to my only sibling that I have because he’s such “a shoulder to cry on person” for me. We discussed the matter, he gave me various advice, find out the best way together, and it never failed me to make any better. Still, the ball is in me, whatever the decision I made “For sure, I will stand by you” he said out loud.

After I made up my mind, the first person who I told in the office was my best in crime, my best Pals, my best Guru, my Leader, aka my GM. I can’t erase his face reactions up until now when I told him what situation I’ve faced with tears run down to my face. As always, he maintained so well and he put himself as my Leader and as my Best Friends at the same times. Shortly speaking, he gave me a loooooooot of things to think about (I am not kidding, a lot means with millions O haha – I adore him a lot too anw). “Three Weeks,” he said, “Ggrrrr WTF! I’ve been in hell already, and you put me back there again?!” I said it only in my mind (Sorry Kak ahaha). And I was right, it turned out like the toughest 3 Weeks I’ve ever faced in JKT. To be honest, I was shaken and weakened by him (Hey Kak, you know how good you are to persuade people right? Ugh). It wasn’t the main reason why I felt in Hell, it is because of the silence, the long pause between us, the acts and gestures were very clearly visible. I called it like a couple on a breakup state (Recently he told, that he felt the same wakaka). I knowledgeably aware of that, I kind of grateful tough for his changing in a state that he felt disappointed and don’t want to lose me, right? (uhuuk :p). But it didn’t last long kok – with untold drama (ahaha), we coming back as we are in a very good relationship even until now. Yeah after the drama past, secondly I told my HRD, then my teams, and the very last I told my Boss (yuhuu Boss, you know who – Harry Potter mode on) so that my resignation time period started in one Month countdown.

“Work hard in silence and let your success be your noise” totally my type. When I joined this company, I remained silent and I did the same when I quit. There are not many differences, people still make noises by themselves through my cases (Lol :D). I just let them play around with their thoughts and assuming as many as they want, at the end of the day the truth is in me, right? :p

I have a group called Limitless Friendship, the group that filled with crazy people that I ever know. The most reactions AF comes from them, such as “Finally… – with big damn mouth open; when the 1st time I moved to JKT, they made a bet how long I stayed; they even didn’t ask why I left”, it just because they kind of Goddess who knew every single things that happen without any words spoken by me (Hahaha very kampr*t kan? ROTFL :D. I love them though). No, of course not, they already knew everything – because we caring each other and support each other. (I have the plan to write about them someday).

The times flies, the information spread widely, everyone knew and have their own speculations. Everyone means my friends in social media, my colleges and acquittances, the youth ambassador in JKT, the communities all around Jabodetabek and some cities in Indonesia – of course, my city as well (both in SBY and JGJ). Gradually, they sent a message via DM, Chat, SMS, even by phones. Mostly they asked why (it sounds like KEPO – Knowing Every Particular Object, rather than caring sih), and mostly I lead them to their own thoughts and their own conclusions (LOL :p).

So without being specific or giving further explanation, yes indeed – I had some personal circumstances for my future goals, and another opportunity lies ahead since YOLO – You Only Live Once still written in my dictionary. Other than that, hmm,,, Let’s put this in another way. I can come up with the number of reasons – as much as possible, but I am an open book person because I am no good in hiding something (doesn’t mean I’m, not trustworthy lhoo ya). Well,,, If everyone who doesn’t accept the way of things work in your circle and sometimes we don’t even have control over it – someone or something, that set people apart and leave you out one by one in order with the same purposes, it means probably – most likely there is something wrong with it/you, nor all about the integrity, responsibility, insecurity, trustworthy, transparency, uncertainty, expectancy, or anything else. Get it right? I found a quote that can describe it a lil bit “You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you”.

Don’t think too much and don’t assume too hard, it’s not good for your mental health. I know it doesn’t answer anything in specific. It just my stories that I want to share, proven enough in my blog heading “Write whatever I want to, say whatever feels right, and needs to be said”. Moreover, I want to improve my English, so please excuse any mistakes.

Thank you for reading.


Cheers 🙂

– Reen





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