The good & The bad

I should have kept my silence (suppose, until now), about all the things matter these days in this country. It’s not called apathy yaa, it’s called getting your sh*t together, I think.

Something triggers me out. Since I also a human who has the feeling of the freedom to speak out, to do whatever I want to as a netizen and as the people of Indonesia.

Literally, I cried.

Cry for Indonesia.

My beloved country, Ours.

What the heck is going on with this Nation? Huh?

What is the f*cking going on with those people sih?

I don’t get it, at all.

We’re too quick to label things as “good” and as “bad”, but when the things don’t work out, it ends up being a devil in disguise? Or rather blessing in disguise sih?

I cried!
To be human in a place where there is no humanity. Painful fact, indeed.

We’re in Identity Crisis.

Cant tell, what the “good” and what the “bad” is.

But, I know one thing! The good one.

That Starbucks is never bad for my mood support.

Oh why so serious…

#LOL 🤣🤣

Greentea Frappucino, without syrup, no wiped cream.


Why I love coffee – especially Starbucks, you can check here.


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