Life, whats all about?

It sucks. Yes, indeed, for sure, it does sucks.

But I believe, it also depend on the human themselves. How to maintain, how to develop, how to adjust, how to improve, how to handle, how to make the life matter, either for self esteem and social esteem.

The question is, how if the life begin to undercontrol completely and so badly? When everything are going wrong, there are nothing going right. Do not know what to do anymore and have no one to lean on. It will be the worst and feeling down at the bottom of the low life, miserable. Right? 

It sucks, doesnt it? Feeling like you are not good enough (for anything or anyone).

Then, what the next moves?

Well, thats human choice, its you. Your life in your own hand. Will you surviving? Will you thriving? Or will you dying?

– Reen