How do you define success? How about me?

2017, let’s begin. U yeeaahh 😀

Actually, it confused me how should I start to write here, since it will be more professional things to say (I guess). Ditulisan kali ini, aku akan terangkan apa yang kulakukan setelah dilamar (Tapi gak ada cincin yang melingkar dijari manis sih, belum -__-“). Dont know what Im sayin’? Kindly check my first stories “Leaving for good”, the second one “Welcome to my new life”, please check them out, its free though (LOL). Anw I havent decided yet, will it become trilogy or tetralogy, even pentalogy, hexology, bla blah sih, because my life still goes on and on.

Well, I got an inspiration from my tweet awhile ago about #ChiefSharing with @MayaArvini in YOT office, further you can check here. Broadly speaking sih, she explained about the keys to career success and how do we define success using research accenture by herself (Dont worry, I got her permission to post this on my blog). Then, I’ll try to connect my stories with it ya. She define career success in 7 ways of pyramid, so lets get started:

Work Life Balance, the 7th step which is the bottom line of the pyramid

Work Life Balance adalah kerja dengan tidak mengabaikan faktor atau aspek-aspek kehidupan, yaa pekerjaan, pribadi, keluarga, spiritual, dan sosial. Intinya adalah seimbang, semua porsi terbagi rata namun gak boleh 50;50 tetap harus 100% ya. So, you must define yourself. How I define my work life balance? Indeed, it takes so much time to master it (even less for me yang masih abal-abal ini :D).

Bulan-bulan awal kerja, bisa dibilang aku cukup workaholic. Selain karena alasan aku ingin skills up dan alasan anak baru nih yang harus menunjukkan performa awal, juga karena aku bisa dan suka pekerjaannya. “Buah gak jatuh, jauh dari pohonnya”, itu juga karena faktor team leader ku yang super duper workaholic (in a good way yaa). Belum bisa membagi waktu, antara me time, family or friend time, and work time. My 7/24 hours, it was like I live only to works since I move in Jakarta. Lambat laun, belajar mengatur waktu untuk hanya sekedar nongkrong, baca buku, nonton, dll selain pekerjaan, ternyata stressless juga lho.

I always remember one of my best acquaintance said (Mas Mufid Salim and Mas Himawan Adhi), tell me about stress management with define our 24 hours time wisely. Do what you love however it just takes 5 or 20 minutes, but you must repeat and do it frequently everyday or in a week, a month, and so on. Because work, family, life should balance. Ex: Read a book, watching movie, writing, etc. So, I did what they told sih. And it works! The key is, dont forget to make yourself happy 🙂

6th step is Money

“Hasil tidak akan mengkhianati kerja keras”, said Kak Rikison (GM of YOT and also my partner in crime hehe). See, uang/materil itu ada ditahap ke-enam lho. Kalau kata ku sih, just do the best as you can, giving your 1000% to do extra mile, and the result will follow.

“Orang yang merasa cukup atas apa yang ada, bukanlah orang yang sudah berkecukupan secara berlebihan, tapi adalah orang yang pandai bersyukur dan selalu bersyukur atas apa yang sudah diberikan-Nya, sehingga tidak pernah merasa kekurangan sedikit pun. Bahkan sebaliknya, ada yang sudah lebih dari berkecukupan, tapi selalu merasa kekurangan, sehingga tidak pernah ada merasa puas terhadap apa yang sudah diberikan-Nya.” Aku sunting dari sini. So, the point is, penghasilanku saat ini adalah cukup 🙂

Jika berbicara perbandingan dengan pekerjaanku yang sebelumnya, hmm para pendaki aja setelah berhasil sampai kepuncak, mau gak mau juga harus turun lagi kan? Hohoho (Diplomatis bener ya, save statement nih :p)

5th Recognition by Other

Masih ingat bukan, jika aku menerbangkan pesawat milikku sendiri dari Jogja ke Jakarta? (Kalau belum, baca “Welcome to my new life” dulu gih sono). Because recognition is the prove that you are trustworthy, not only trusted. Whats the different? Trusted is means held in a position of trust (in sense of established as credible, dependable, and favoured). While trustworthy means the quality of being reliable, dependable, and honest (Able to be relied on as hones or truthful). Aku sunting dari sini.

Menurut ku, bahasa lain dari recognition adalah sebuah apresiasi dan pujian atas hasil karya kita. Serta sebuah ungkapan gratitude (how we call it in bahasa?) atas kontribusi kita selama ini. Itu kayak ungkapan “Eh gw tahu elo, aku kenal kamu, I see you; I know you; I get you; I feel you, blabla”, which is tell that not only your head, but also your heart is engaged (#tsaah :D). Pada dasarnya sih, gak ada manusia yang gak suka jika dia dikenal apalagi didengar orang lain (in positive ways yaa). Intinya adalah aku disini merasa diakui dan dipercaya, so here I am. 🙂

4th Independence

Independence for me is a freedom. Freedom of influences from another things, either it a single individual, a group of people, or a community. Being able to take care of your own things and make responsibility for our decisions while considering all people around us and our environment. I can speak up for more about my right, about my ideas, or about anything that I want to, etc. I can do anything good for myself, even if there is no one help me out.

So I think, independence applies to language, developing our intellectual, social impact, emotional and moral development. Being here in YOT, I have been given a stage to create my own work with my own strength. And also my independence here, like I am in the position or authority to help the team for succeed. I remember when the first time I got here and met Mr BB, he said “Hi, selamat datang. Selamat berkarya.”. Thats why, I always though my team to create “karya” with their own ways, because we were provided “panggung” by YOT. Take the challenge, do not waste it! Make it happen

3rd Advancement

Career advancement adalah kepercayaan yang diberikan oleh orang lain, hal itu datang dari skill yang kita punya. Typically, you must develop skills and your abilities for the next level of yours in the company. For example, building leadership skills, making the right decisions, those can help improve yourself. So, I am being assigned more responsibilities by a team leader, because I am gaining recognition for my quality work in YOT.

2nd Social Impact

YOT that have vision and mission to make young generations of Indonesia stronger and better, with empowering, developing, and mentoring. So the effect this organization/company actions have on the well being of the community, the effect of an activity on the society, well-being of the individuals and groups.

Gampangnya adalah yaa siapa sih yang gak suka membantu orang lain? Siapa sih yang gak suka bisa bermanfaat untuk orang lain? Ya to? Kepuasan itu tidak dapat didefinisikan. Nah melalui wadah YOT inilah, selain mendapatkan hal-hal yang sebelumnya ku sebut diatas, juga mendapatkan kepuasan batin karna telah bermanfaat untuk anak-anak muda Indonesia untuk terus maju dan berkembang.

1st which is the top of pyramid is Title

A job title is a term that describes in a few words or less the position held by an employee. Depending on the job, a job title can describe the level of the position or the responsibilities of the person holding the position. The greater an employee’s role in an organization, the more influence he/she has in the direction of a department or the organization as a whole.

I got a position as Account/Marketing Manager (Sales and Sponsorship – specialist on sponsors and partnership). I also got second position as Digital Analyst who help Marketing Communication’s team (Media Partner and Social Media), although this is not written on my contract, but I do like this double job because I kind of Digital Enthusiast. Since I was born from YOT Kota, so I also have a chair to express my opinions for CA’s and YOT Kota in the entire Indonesia. Of course, its a great honor for me to have such opportunity in YOT.

So yup, I have role in this company as a whole, I guest… Hehehe. That’s not easy (indeed), yet challenging, but I am blessed grateful and happy.

Thats why I am here now, right? 🙂


Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for it – Katharine Whitehorn

– Reen


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