Senyum Ceria Ramadhan by Senyum Community

Im attending Senyum Ceria Ramadhan by @senyumkita with 500++ sister & brother, orphanages and become my big family in Yogyakarta.

Senyum Community is my very first social movement or community that I joined happily couples years ago (4-5 years). How the first project that I handled with great team for orphanage developments etc, and how it changed my life (my personal history of life).

Then now, I become foster sister here, it such happy moments when we can help others right? Specially for me. 😊

Attending this event and meeting my foster kids, new friend, and old friends since 2011. Watching the videos and all documentation from our projects long time ago, it such teary moments and bring back my memories. What a day!!! 😘😘

Senyum Kita’s team, keep it up the great works of yours yaa, and you will always have my support.
– Love Reen


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