Do I deserve this? But I thankful

Remember that “assuming is the biggest enemy” lhoo 😊

(Warrior by Demi Lovato as a backsound)

The first thing that I wanna thankful is, Thank you for being a jerk, then I could realize how fool I am. Then I could be healed from the pain and the scars.

Second, thank you for being a good player cause you played very well since Im a toy. Which mean, I became a beneficial person, and it was fine.

The third, thank you for being you cause I learned how stupid I am wasting my precious time, both phisyc and mentally, even material and stuff, I gave everything in the first place.

4th, thank you for creating so many moments and memories, both happy and sad. Not just a single person, but with everyone around us. Which mean, I made history.

5th, thank you because of you I could make my own decisions for now and onwards. Cause, I know what I want. I remember why I started until how it ended, so I could digging my old dreams when it buried deep inside me

And I will never forget the kindness too lhoo, I believe that everyone has a good side and a bad side inside themselves, although we didn’t realize or deliberately did that kind of bad things especially to other people (whatever the reasons are).
Im not a type “gak tahu diri” person kok (lack of English #LOL). So, of course, the 6th, I also thank you for all the kindness, for every single kindness you did for me.

You guys (yes you two and more) hurt me so deeply, but do I deserve this??
Whatever it is, I thankful for that. Because it becomes life lessons, my personal life lessons. So I can move forward and fill a blank new sheet of my life again.

Everything that happens in our life always has the reason, right??

😊😊 Smiley on my face lhoo (real smile, not a fake one)



P.S: Sorry for the grammar and stuff in my English, Im learner 😁


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