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​Hate vs Love

I hate you, yet I love you

The powerful and polarizing words.

Intense emotions of mind.

Becoming a purpose,

An agony and an ecstasy.

A single soul destroyed.

Suffer physically, and mental slavery.

Treathen silently, torturing eternally.


Bring attention to the moment.

Open up the choice of possibilities.

Freedom of acceptances.

Shift the boundaries.

Terminate the chains.

Slack off the affections.

Forgiveness and compassion on the way.

Let the life living in the process.

– Reen

1.00 am, 24 June 2017

Don’t forget the past, learn from it. 

In this modern world to some people, studying history has little value and meaning. Indeed, the sad truth, because its very difficult to stay idealist about the past or historical matter nowdays.

In Indonesia, there is a proveb tell that “JASMERAH – Jangan Melupakan Sejarah”, it means dont forget about history. But I rather said – never forget about history, because it makes us who we are and part of gratitude for people who made great stories in the past, so that we can appreciate the living.

The lesson from history in the past remain important causes, like we can learn how to ensure that we never repeat the same mistakes, we can develope any further information from the previous event, create something innovative by gathering some information from the past, and the most important from learning history is lead us or help us to be better and influence our future on the right path.

So, if young generations are not taught about this values, they will not give any inspirations to teach them to make an actions in their lives. And because every story that ever made can have a huge impact on the future and young generations still need it.

One of the ways to motivated the young generations is to learn from school, or by an some activities. Although it sounds like they forced to do so, but I think it will be a trigger to acknowledge and liking the history, at least they gain some knowledge from it.

Moreover, not every history are boring, such as hearing the stories directly from people who experience it. Personally, it would be so much fun.

I remember how my Grandmother told a stories about her life in a war zone back then. How the real situation she has faced, from the miserable to the funiest story that can makes me cry into tears and burst into laugh. The important thing is, what the lesson and the values she gave me from her story. It was so precious moment and I would like to shared those stories to my child, even my grandchilds either – someday.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future”.

Thats why, do not forget about the past, never ever forget about it, because when we learn from it, it becomes the future.


– Reen


Well actually, I wrote an eassy about history for the kids for my task back then. So I thought, why not if I shared it on my personal blog, with editing in some parts. Once again, sorry for the mistaken English. Enjoy.

Because everybody wants to know why I left….

“Leaving a secure job and a very good position when the risk feels scary”bigstock-I-Quit-Written-With-Dry-Erase-28962044


Iya iyaa, I know kok. Not even a year has gone by since I explained about leaving out of my comfort zone, followed by how did I do, and the last what I was doing in my blog (all those three are clickable, please check them out).

I really want to write this for a long time, but for various reasons ya the laziness, ya confused how I write, ya worried, etc. Now, I decided to open my laptop in the middle of the night, trying to write it down. Believe me, it’s not easy for me. Because Im getting emotional and I choose my words very carefully. (I could be prosecuted by the law if there is someone/something who not accept this, because it might be considered as a sensitive topic. Im just assuming and I wish it will never happen though hohoho).

Well, like I said before that life is about moving on, move forward to the next level. My brother said that “When one door closes, another door opens”, it means that the opportunities are always there, I believe it’s damn true. “But we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us”, well said by Alexander Graham Bell, yeah probably it happen to me.

As you guys know already, I choose to resign bravely. No, I am not hired to be fired, I quit!

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The good & The bad

I should have kept my silence (suppose, until now), about all the things matter this days in this country. It’s not called apathy yaa, it’s called getting your sh*t together, I think.

Something trigger me out. Since I also a human who have feeling of the freedom to speak out, to do whatever I want to as a netizen and as the people of Indonesia.

Literally, I cried.

Cry for Indonesia.

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Fall – Falling

A moment of time.

Blown away by the wind.

Like dry leaves hanging.

Drop, just in no time.

In every falling, there is a story.

Mostly the pain.

The existence is no longer the same.

But, thats the way it works.

So, new leaves grow.

Start over.

Life goes on.

– Reen

Dry leaves in Cappadocia, Turkey

Grill Party

Limitless Friendship. Halim, Me, Mas Erick, Mb Shanty, Raisha, Mas Hadi, Budi. Minus Mas Chandra, Mas Adhi, Nova, end the genks.

We have sweet potatoes, fish, sausages, rice, salad, sambal, and good friends.

We’re partying, grill party.

Spending time with friends is a great way to have a good time.

Indeed, hanging out with all of you makes time is limitless.

Yup, because we’re Limitless Friendship. 

Big Love 😘

Our feast

I miss you


I am here. 

But my soul is somewhere else.

The living,

The pace of life,

The love of big city.

The logic and the way of thinking.

It show me how to survive.

The best way to prepare for the next big thing.

It change me how to see the world.

The reasons you should become,

The great one.

Hey Jakarta, 

I miss all the things about you, already.


– Reen

Make it happen

Never allow waiting to become your habit, because life dont come easy. So, stop waiting for things to happen.

Great things come to those who work for it, because result take action. Then, you have to go out and achieve it.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get up and GO!


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​My Footprints

I left it behind on the ground.

Step forward, continue my journey.

It is the right time to make another stories, another footprints.

Its not about leaving nor ending, it just mean that something else is about to begin.

Shannon L. Alde said, The most important thing is this: To sacrifice what you are now for what you can become tomorrow.

Thank you, I’ll be back someday for sure.

Im leaving,

Im leaving you.

Thank you for the “Learn and Share”.

​So, until next time.

– Reen

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